Our Aloe-First Philosophy Unlocks Radiant Skin: Seeing is Believing

Why Aloe with L’BRI Co-Founder, Linda Kaminski

Our Aloe-First philosophy is at the heart of our skin care revolution. It’s a simple, yet powerful belief: Rebuild, Regenerate, and Restore your skin from the inside out for Believably REAL Results. While others rely on water as their primary ingredient, we lead with Aloe. This is our Aloe-First philosophy that makes all the difference for your skin.

The Aloe Difference: Nature’s Miracle for Your Skin

Our commitment to an Aloe-First philosophy sets our products apart, ensuring you achieve visibly stunning results. We exclusively use Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, renowned for its superior quality and potent benefits. This legendary ingredient is the cornerstone of our skin care line, offering unparalleled hydration, moisturization, and soothing properties. Aloe is the key to unlocking radiant, glowing skin.

Discover the Power of Aloe Vera

Natural beauty lies in the power of Aloe vera, and the secret to achieving flawless skin begins with prioritizing Aloe. Our products are designed to cater to all skin types, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves. Trust us; your skin will thank you.

Get Believably REAL Results with L’BRI Skin Care Products

Our dedication to quality and effectiveness is reflected in the outstanding results our products deliver. Here are some of our standout offerings:

Deep Pore Trio for Normal to Oily Skin

If your skin feels normal to slightly oily with occasional or no blemishes, our trio is perfect for you. It includes:

Deep Pore Cleanser

Ideal for normal, combination, oily, or blemished skin. This deep cleansing gel, enriched with Aloe vera, vitamins C, and E, plus natural botanicals, cleanses, soothes, and helps clear up blemished skin.

Deep Pore Freshener

Suitable for normal, oily, or blemish-prone skin. It hydrates your skin with a quick-absorbing, lightweight formula.

Oil-Free Moisture Lotion

Provides essential moisture without the greasy feel, leaving your skin fresh and revitalized.

Believably REAL Results from L’BRI’s Deep Pore Trio:

Deep Pore Trio Before and After
Deep Pore Trio Before and After


Deep Pore Trio Before and After
Deep Pore Trio Before and After

Time Erase AHA Slow-Release Serum

Experience the transformative power of our Time Erase AHA Slow-Release Serum. With 10% alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in a slow-release formula, this serum reduces the appearance of large pores and age spots. It also minimizes fine lines around the eyes and lips, giving you a reason to smile every day.

Believably REAL Results from Time Erase AHA Slow-Release Serum:

Time Erase AHA Slow-Release Serum Before and After


Bakuchiol: The Natural Retinol Alternative

Say goodbye to retinol drama with our Bakuchiol-based serum. This natural, plant-based alternative is highly effective, promoting natural collagen production to smooth stubborn lines and wrinkles. It’s perfect for renewing mature skin with advanced sun damage, uneven tone, and texture.

Believably REAL Results from Bakuchiol:

Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Before and After


Maxifirm + Peptides Skin Renewal and Lifting Serum

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38

Improves skin elasticity for better facial contouring.

Acetyl Octapeptide-3

Retains moisture, smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

Firms the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Believably REAL Results from Maxifirm + Peptides:

Maxifirm + Peptides Skin Renewal and Lifting Serum Before and After


Magnify Your Results with Serums

Serums contain concentrated, powerful ingredients that absorb rapidly and deeply permeate your skin to create Believably REAL Results.  

Embrace the Aloe-First Difference Today

Our Aloe-First philosophy isn’t just a skin care routine; it’s a commitment to providing your skin with the best nature has to offer. By choosing our products, you’re investing in a skin care line dedicated to delivering REAL visible results. See the difference for yourself and embrace the power of Aloe vera. Your journey to radiant, healthy-looking skin starts here.

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